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Juliette Luiselli


56, bvd Niels Bohr 69100 Villeurbanne

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Current research

Influence of effective population size on genome architecture: a modeling and simulation study
September 2022 — August 2025 (?) Current

Thesis in the INRIA Beagle team, in Lyon (INSA), under the supervision of Guillaume Beslon and Nicolas Lartillot.

The origin of the complexity of eukaryotic genomes is highly debated. In 2003, M. Lynch proposed that it is the result of a balance between the appearance of weakly deleterious variants and their rate of fixation. According to this hypothesis, the effective size of the population, Ne, would therefore be the primary factor regulating genome complexity. Although very popular, this hypothesis is difficult to test empirically. We propose to use the in silico evolution model "Aevol" to test it under perfectly controlled conditions. For this purpose, the model will be modified to integrate the structural characteristics of eukaryotic genomes. We will then evaluate the influence of Ne, mutation rates and the dynamics of transposable elements on the genomes complexity.

Recent publications

Detecting the ecological footprint of selection
December 2022

Preprint, submitted.

Genome streamlining
in prep

Current situation

Recently graduated from ENS Ulm, I am starting my PhD in Lyon in the INRIA Beagle team.

My thesis focuses on the study of eukaryotic genome architecture, using the Aevol software.

I spend my free time reading, playing volleyball, coding, and using Wikipedia and Twitter.